Simple Ways to Save Money

When bills assault and the money seems to go out faster than it comes in, the thought of actually saving any might seem impossible. But it’s not. If you are determined, you can save, and these simple tips from the money-saving crew at will help.

First, make a budget. This glaringly obvious step is surprisingly illusive to some. Have an idea of how much you need to spend each month in expenses. Outline how much income goes toward these expenses, and don’t forget about the occasional or unforeseen bill, too. Plan for emergencies so you’re not caught flat footed and without funds. Once you have an idea of your expenses each month, you can work out a realistic budget. If the money is too tight to cover your needs, then reevaluate what is truly crucial and what is not. You might need to give up a more luxurious item or two in the interest of savings and responsibility.

Do not depend on credit cards regularly. Sure, we all have months when the well dries up, a refrigerator stops working, a son or daughter needs surgery, the company bonus falls through, and expenses are more than our income. In such cases credit cards can be a quick stopgap measure. But to use them month after month and accrue 30 percent interest on up to $10,000 is insane. Not to mention impossible to pay back. Avoid this. If necessary, simply become more austere with your funds and resist temptation.

Once you have established a fairly regular monthly budget that works, start saving more. Also begin to create categories within your budget such as groceries, home improvement, insurance payments, and the like. This will help you to better understand how much of your income goes where, allowing you to more easily make adjustments should you desire.

Set goals for your money. We’ve all seen a piggy bank and a child who uses it to eagerly save quarters in order to buy a favored toy. There’s no reason adults can’t operate that way, too. Financially disciplined adults do not buy things on a whim, nor do they buy overly priced items. Instead, they use there wherewithal to refrain from making unnecessary or frivolous purchases. Then save that money for a rainy day, or a vacation, or some other goal that inspires you. Find an online savings goal calculator to foster interest and challenge.

Make your savings an automatic withdrawal each month. This lessens the number of things you need to remember to do and ensures that a payment to yourself will always be made, even when you’re not thinking about. Plus, the temptation to spend money you don’t see regularly is much less.

Consider Your Upcoming Needs

If you foresee a new major appliance, car or roof in your future, for example, start planning now to fund them. Paying it forward, so to speak, to yourself will spare you anxiety and frustration when a huge bill hits you.

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