Types OF Shower Pods And What They Are Best For

Shower pods are home essentials that are used almost daily. Through time, shower pods have served lots of people. Many manufacturers have experimented with the shape and size of shower enclosures in order to fit the increasing architectural diversity in British homes.

Today, there are mainly four major types of shower pods according to shape. Each of these serves the same function, but the varying shapes fit specific bathroom types as well. The following are the four major types of shower cubicle:

  • Square shower pod. It has four sides that are equal in length. This is the more common shape used by most homes because of its flexibility and affordability. The shower pod can be installed in the middle of one wall, or in a corner. Doing the latter has been proven to save space.
  • Rectangular shower pod. It has longer sidewalls than the two remaining walls. This one works just like a square shower cubicle, only this fits better in bathrooms with walls of irregular lengths.
  • Semi oval shower pod. Residents often choose it because it saves floor space much more than the square version does. Alternatively called a quadrant shower pod, this type is specifically designed to fit against a wall, with two equal length sides and a curved third one.
  • Half circle shower pod. It is usually used in larger bathrooms. The half circle has only one straight side that can be placed along one bathroom wall, and the rest of the cubicle is curved, forming half a circle. Half circle shower cubicles usually require more space compared to the three shower types mentioned above.

Choosing a Shower Pod for Your Bathroom

If you are planning to get a new shower enclosure or cubicle installed in your bathroom, there are some factors to consider, aside from budget. These include:

  • Size of your bathroom. Is your bathroom the average size? Perhaps you should opt for square or half circle shower cubicles. If you have plenty of room to spare, you can consider a quadrant pod.
  • Intended location. In which part of the bathroom do you intend to install a new pod? Is it in the corner, the middle, or is your bathroom constructed in such a way that you can snuggly fit an enclosure in only one area?
  • Door type. Think of the door type ahead of time. Bi-fold doors that are open to the inside are the most space-saving options, while single-fold doors are the opposite.

Final thoughts

Shower cubicles are vital components of the average bathroom. Knowing which type works best for your bathroom will let you make the most out of your daily bathing schedule.

Image: Pixabay.com