5 Must-Have Smart Cooking Appliances for Your Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is all about efficiency and effectiveness. The appliances in a kitchen determine the speed of preparing and cooking food. Appliances play an important role in ensuring that the natural taste of food is preserved.  There are various appliances used for preparing different dishes.  Five must-have smart cooking appliances required for your modern kitchen are discussed below.

Electric Rice Cookers

Rice is one of the most affordable foods in the world. To make delicious rice, you need to know how to balance the heat used, water added and time used to cook it. Unfortunately, this is a challenge for many people and it deters them from making delicious rice.

A modern rice cooker is the perfect solution for this challenge. The cooker has predetermined water levels for different capacities of rice so you will not have to wonder about how much water you need to add. When using the cooker, you only need to add water, rice and turn on the appliance. If you want to keep your rice warm after cooking, there is a keep warm function in the cooker.

Grinders and Juicers

Grinding machines are important in separating and grinding herbs and spices. Grinders are strong enough and capable of crushing all sorts of spices including ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom among others.

Some natural spices need to be crushed or grounded before using them to guarantee an irresistible taste. Grinding the spices and storing them in airtight containers preserves their flavor and simplifies the cooking process. While cooking, you only need to scoop what you need without the need of grinding them every time you need to cook.

Pizza & Omelette Maker

The best thing about homemade pizza and omelette is that you can choose your recipe. To have a truly amazing pizza or omelette, you need to have a cooking appliance that will compliment your cooking. A pizza and omelette maker has functionality that allows the heat to be distributed evenly and on both sides of the appliance. Therefore, you do not have to worry about preparing an evenly cooked pizza or omelette. It is easy to clean the pizza makers and this guarantees hygiene.

Dough & Bread Maker

Homemade bread is more delicious than store-bought bread. The sweet smell of the bread is enough to improve your mood and give you an appetite for tasty homemade bread. The appliance mixes and kneads the dough using the most hygienic process. Just like all other homemade delicacies, you can customize the flavor of the bread.

Dosa Maker

Dosa is one of the most popular ‘healthy fermented foods’. The secret to a tasty dosa lies in the way it is prepared. Tasty dosas are thin and have an even brown color. If you want to enjoy the most delicious dosa, prepare it using a dosa maker. The appliance has functionalities which help you to customize the thickness of the dosa. As you cook the dosa, you can see the delicacy turning brown. The dosa maker is non-stick so you do not have to use oil while cooking.


Kent kitchen appliances such as rice cookers and grinding machine among other appliances make cooking easy and enjoyable. Anytime you use any of the appliances for cooking, you are assured of tasty food. The kitchen appliances guarantee hygiene, and they are easy to clean.