Installing Sidelights and Transoms with Steel Entry Doors

Need to make the home brighter? Tired of repairing windows and doors? Already removed old windows but still not getting the required results? Then entry doors are the troublesome part that needs attention and timely decision making. When incorporated with sidelights, they are perfect for all types of homes.

Transom windows and sidelights look incredibly well and are responsible to complete the overall appearance of the entryway. The outcomes are amazing when homeowners opt to have energy efficient steel entry doors with a transom window and sidelights. Although most of the homeowners are unaware of their significance, no one could deny from adding sidelights and realizing the benefits.

Need of Front Door Sidelights

As a matter of fact, entryway is not limited to the doors as there are more parts to take into consideration. While talking about sidelights, the thing to keep in mind is that they are slim windows and can be added to both or either side of steel entry doors. They can be customized in different ways- be it about design, size and style of the glass. Even better, homeowners can go for having decorative glass with unique color patterns and intricate design. For example, to add elegance with uniqueness and privacy, there would be no better option than privacy glass.

Sidelights are Energy Efficient

Apart from the fact that steel entry doors with sidelights are responsible for adding beauty, quite a few people are aware of their energy efficiency feature. The rule of thumb is to choose the right company that manufactures quality products and provides installation services. The best thing about these products is the availability of glass windows- especially double and triple panes that are filled with argon gas to provide increased insulation and energy efficiency.

Importance of Sidelight and Transom Windows

No doubt, adding sidelights is one of the best ways to enhance appearance, curb appeal and efficiency on the home. Though, quite a few people know the basics of their impact when integrated with sidelights. Another good way to work on the entryway is to add transom windows that are installed above the steel entry doors. They are primarily intended to complete the circle along with front door sidelights. They are provided with matching glass panes and trims present around the doors, thus ensuring a unique and beautiful look all the time.

Top Front Doors with Sidelights

After understanding the impact of transoms and sidelights, the next step is to choose the best entry door type that may derive quality benefits from the items. Considering the prevailing weather and other conditions, here are some options to take into consideration:

  • Steel Doors with Sidelights: One of the best options is steel entry doors that are responsible to maximize security and protection throughout the year. They are not only designed to enhance external looks but are also capable of improving internal efficiency and aesthetics. With 20-guage thick steel and foam filled core, homeowners are rest assured to have maximum energy efficiency and insulation.
  • Fiberglass Doors with Sidelights: They are a perfect option to add that traditional look at given by wood entry doors. The best thing about fiberglass door is their resistance to warping, rotting and expanding as the components promise durability and reliability for a long time period.