Three Different Types of Buyers  That You Might Meet

 Knowing Your Visitor

Your first visitors come ringing at your door. The first feeling that you may experience is a feeling of anxiety and nervousness. You do not know what type of person they will be, how will they approach you, what will their attitude be like.  The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all of the feelings of anxiety and stress and realize that they are a human being like you and that if they are  interested in your home they  will not necessarily make an offer to buy right away.  In fact, even if you take the time to really consider how serious the potential buyer actually is you will still come across visitors with very different personalities and goals therefore it is hard to tell how they actually feel about your home. Usually, it is only true realtors like Brad Roemer that would be able to determine the seriousness of the buyer.  He has been able to compile put together a small list of the types of personalities you would meet when receiving visitors to visit your home.

The Curious Visitor

Unfortunately there is a strong possibility that you may receive people who have no intention of buying your home. The curious visitor are often people living in your area that  are simply interested in the local real estate market. They may also be considering selling their home in the near future and want to see what you have to offer and at what price (basically they want to know what they can expect for themselves). There are multiple ways of recognizing them. Naturally, the curious visitors will not have many questions to ask you and if you try to find out  a little about his intentions, they will remain as natural and as indifferent as possible (unlike a potential buyer who will ask you a lot of questions). The best way to act with them in order to avoid wasting your time you can “prequalify” your buyer before accepting the visit in order to rule out all of the “bad eggs”. Just ask them a few questions during your telephone interview to get a better understanding of what they are actually looking for.

The “shoppers”

These types of visitors are very common, as most people will visit several houses for sale before making their choice. Their main goal is to become familiar with the market and find good opportunities. You will recognize them when you notice them going around your house with a genuine look of interest as they ask you a lot of questions, especially about the price. It is a dead giveaway when they start asking you questions about the price as they are trying to gage whether you would be willing to negotiate with the price. They may call you back after the visit for additional information. The best way to act with them know that they could very well be potential buyers is to first make sure you have an attractive product (your home is in top shape) and that you have a competitive price, as they will be comparingbefore they finally make their choice. Do not forget that even if they do not seem so excited about the first visit, they are in the middle of a process in which they will evaluate and reflect and may eventually return.

These few steps by Brad will give you a better understanding of you visitor and know how to handle certain types of situations.